JOY: joy: Molander family receives R9 000 cheque. CREDIT: Bertram Malgas
This family of champions is ready to kick butt after local government decided to step in as a sponsor.

The elderly parents of the Molander karate kids from Mitchells Plain were worried their talented laaities wouldn’t make it to the national karate championships taking place in Bloemfontein later this year, due to a lack of funds.

Jayden, nine, his sister Tosca-lee, 15 and brother Gershwin, 13, needed R3 000 each and Jayden was going to defend his title as national champ.

However, the MEC for the Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport, Anroux Marais, read about their plight in the Daily Voice.

The MEC was so moved by the family’s passion for their sport, that she decided to sponsor the R9 000 they needed.

“One of my protection detail guys read the story and showed it to me saying we should assist. I read it and was so moved by these kids and their absolute dedication and talent, I just had to help,” says Marais.

The Daily Voice first met Jayden when his pensioners parents Maxine and Isaiah Molander, 69, told of finding him as a two year old, abandoned under a bridge in a pool of water.

“He was so tiny, but look how he has grown, winning karate competitions and championships and making us so very proud, “ Maxine said on Friday.

The kids chatted to MEC Anroux for more than an hour, telling her tales of their victories and showing off their medals.

Anroux added: “I will be watching them and will assist in any way I can, even with their plans for the future. They already have the determination, they just need a little assistance.”

After the ceremonial cheque for R9 000 was handed over and the family photographed, the kids were a little nervous as the large cheque was taken out to the car again, but Anroux assured them the funds are theirs.

A grateful Tosca says: “Our parents are hard-working and have always been there for us. Now we have the government also there for us. We are really blessed and I am so very happy.”