Michael van Zyl and Mooniesa Nitsky

The woman’s gangster boyfriend, who was sleeping next to her, was injured in the shooting in the early hours of yesterday morning.

It’s believed gangsters fired shots into their Wendy house from the outside.

Mooniesa Nitsky, 21, a mother of a three-year-old boy, was shot five times and died on the scene while her berk Michael van Zyl, 23, sustained two shots to his neck.

He was rushed to hospital.

Michael’s sister Alvina Matthews, 30, says they were woken up by gunshots ringing out in their yard in Thames Walk shortly before 5am.

“Then we heard Michael screaming for us. He was shot in his neck and the back of his neck and [that] bullet came out between his nose and his eye. Mooniesa died on the scene. I rushed with Michael to hospital,” a traumatised Alvina explains.

Alvina admits her brother was a gangster who belonged to the Hard Livings gang in the area and that she was not surprised by the attack.

“The shooters emptied out a gun on them. They were sleeping at the time they got shot. There are 16 bullet holes. Two hit Michael and five Mooniesa. I feel heartbroken. She was innocent and didn’t deserve to die that way,” she adds.

“My brother was a HL gang member and I have expected his death. Last year I dreamt he was shot and saw the person shooting him standing right in front of me.

“We want justice, ons voel seer, veral vir Mooniesa, haar kind is nog so jonk,” Alvina says.

SCENE: Thugs fired shots into the couple's Manenberg Wendy house at 5am

Mooniesa’s mother, 56-year-old Aziza Nitsky, says she saw her youngest child just after 12am as she was leaving the house to go to Michael.

“Just before she left the house, she still asked me for a R15 and I made the change to give her,” she says.

“That’s the last time I saw my child. I was woken up by Alvina’s sister the morning telling me my child has been shot.

“She was a good person, always willing to help others. My child wasn’t a gangster, but she gets shot and killed by a gangster. Why did they shoot her?”

Police spokesperson, Sergeant Angeline Grill, says no arrests have been made yet.

Mooniesa is the third mom to be killed in Manenberg in two weeks.

On Friday, Ayesha Ismail, 52, was killed in Letaba Road and last Monday Malieka Davids, 33, was shot in Gonubie Road, a day before she was due to celebrate her 15th wedding anniversary.

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