A Kensington man died in an early morning blaze on Wednesday as his family tried to save him.

Jerome Moses, 46, burnt to death when a candle toppled over and his Wendy house went up in flames.

His mother, Johanna Petersen, 64, says she is traumatised after hearing his screams for help.

According to Fire and Rescue Services spokesperson, Theo Layne, the fire in Lugmag Avenue started just before 1am and two Wendy houses were affected.

Johanna says she was asleep when she heard her younger son run into the main house shouting: “Mummy, Mummy! Jerome is aan die brand.

“My other son, Gaben Petersen, 27, lives in the Wendy next to him and came in the house screaming. I got up and saw the fire was everywhere. We could hear him screaming for help and tried to get to him. But then he just went quiet and we knew he was dead,” she says.

Johanna went to her sister’s house for help and firefighters arrived to douse the flames.

“The police were here immediately and forensics also came very quickly to take his body away. His body was completely burnt and all I could see was his skeleton. Jerome was unemployed because he hurt himself a couple of years ago when he jumped off a train. 

"He did not have children and was my oldest child. He did have electricity, but did not have a globe so he was using the candle for light.”

If you would like to assist, call 083 207 4764.

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