HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Zeek Halliday, a very young Liverpool fan
This cute two-year-old might well be the youngest Liverpool fan in the world.

Little Zeek Halliday is so passionate about his favourite team that his parents threw him a Liverpool-theme party. The tot turned two on Saturday.

Unfortunately his team lost to Manchester United and he was sad, says mom Tasneem Halliday, 30.

However, she says he had no choice but to pick himself up and enjoy his party.

“Zeek started speaking at one-and-a-half years old,” Tasneem says.

“Ever since then, he would talk about Liverpool and he loved Coutinho until he left Liverpool, and then he grew fond of striker Mo Salah.

“He watches each game his team plays with the men and follows it to the end.

LOYAL: Zeek loves his Reds kit and sommer sleeps in it

“On Saturday, he was kitted out in his Liverpool suit. When the team lost, he got angry at children who told him to take that Liverpool clothes off, because even if they lost, they’re still his favourite team.”

Tasneem says her older boys, aged eight and 10, aren’t passionate about soccer. But Zeek can’t be disturbed while watching a game.

“He just wants to wear his suit, sometimes he even sleeps in it,” she laughs.

“Every time he kicks a ball he says he’s like Mo Salah, so I think we have a soccer star in the making.”

The birthday boy had a special ’Pool cake and cupcakes, and his mom says people are amused by his loyalty to his team.

“He spends the entire day away with the men if they go watch soccer at a friend’s house and doesn’t even want to get undressed from his Liverpool suit when he gets home.”

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