REBUKED: Felecia Lever claims the pastor played mind games with his church congregants. Photo: Jack Lestrade

A Muizenberg woman says she wants to expose her “vile and manipulative” former pastor who cursed her sex life when she failed to pay her tithes and offerings.

In December, three former congregants also came forward to expose Pastor Deon Jacobs, from Breakthrough Ministries in 7th Avenue, Retreat.

The pastor was accused of blackmailing congregants by threatening to expose the skeletons in their closet if they do not pay him “20 to 30 percent” of their monthly income as tithes and offerings. This week Felecia Lever, 40, claimed Jacobs makes his congregants take out personal loans to pay his tithes.

“I was invited to the church by a member six years ago and I liked it,” she says.

“I was there for about two months when he [Jacobs] started asking about our personal budget. He checked our budget and worked out the tithes and offerings.”

She says things went from bad to worse.

“People can give tithes, but he tells people it should be 20 to 30 percent. This man messes with your mind.

“Combined my husband and I had to pay R2100 for tithes plus R2100 for offerings on a monthly basis.

“He would even tell us not to pay our debt. We had to pay our money to him first or we were told to make loans.

“If we did not pay, he expected a detailed explanation and he would rebuke us in front of the congregation.

“Once he called me a Jezebel who was doing witchcraft and my husband a spineless bastard.”

The couple, who have one child, left the church in September 2017.

“We had to leave the church. I was constantly under stress, had sleepless nights and suffered from high blood pressure from worrying what he is going to do,” Felicia says.

“When we resigned, his wife told me they do not want to lose us. Hulle lieg, they didn’t want to lose our money, ja.

“He even cursed me saying I will never have an orgasm again in my life.”

In a recorded conversation, which Felicia played for the Daily Voice, Jacobs allegedly tells the couple that they owe him two months’ worth of offerings and rebuke them for disobeying him.

“Felecia and Rodney, I’m looking at your offerings and tithes. Your tithes is fine,” a man, alleged to be Jacobs, is heard saying.

“I’m looking at your offerings so far for the month, it should be two months for the pay cycle.

“You’re only now on R1 400, you gave R100 on Sunday, so you have R1 200. The way I see it, it should be two months.

“The 25th is this Sunday and I don’t think you’re going to pay this Sunday.

PREACHING: Pastor Deon Jacobs. Photo: Jack Lestrade

“Your budget must include two months’ tithes, two months’ offerings and that is it. Everything else must be worked around that.

“That means you will always be susceptible to destruction, to calamity and to demons.

“Stop doing your own thing. Obey the word of the Lord. Budget, and if you have to eat love and fresh air, then do so but do what God says.”

Picture by jack lestrade

Jacobs also sent the couple several emails, demanding money.

Speaking to the Daily Voice telephonically yesterday, Jacobs denied all the allegations, insisting he only asks 10 percent in tithes, the offerings amount is personal.

He also branded Felecia a “husband-beater and problem person”.

“That is absolute nonsense, absolute nonsense,” he said of all the allegations.

“We sat in multiple meetings to counsel her to be a wife to her husband because she used to beat him up. She used to intimidate that man, that man was scared of her.”

Asked if he cursed Felecia’s sex life, the holy man said: “My friend, I don’t even know what you’re talking about. I have even prayed for her womb. Felecia was always a problem person, one of those persons that give you hell on earth.”

When the Daily Voice asked Felicia to respond to Jacobs’ statements, she flatly said: “He’s lying.”

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