THUG LIFE: Police say they've made arrests in Juno Crescent recently
A Mitchells Plain father is pleading for help in ridding his neighbourhood of skollies who are openly selling drugs in front of his house.

The 47-year-old says he reported the matter to police but nothing was done.

The man, who asked not to be named, says the area surrounding Juno Crescent used to be the drug turf of the School Boys gang but in recent years the Fancy Boys have taken over.

Now, he says, skollies sell drugs openly from a lane which residents have to use to access their homes.

“This is the only way we can get in and they sell just there. They hide lots of drugs in the sand in the gangetjie and it’s mostly tik and ungah,” he says.

“Every day our children see this and they (skollies) are dangerous. Everyday the tikkoppe are here and you will be surprised to see the fancy business people with suitcases that come here to buy drugs.”

During a visit to the gangetjie, Daily Voice witnessed two drug sales.

Two men approached a group standing in the lane and they exchanged money and drugs.

The desperate dad says he spoke to a detective at Mitchells Plain SAPS.

DOWWEL: Drugs and games

“Sometimes the gangetjie is full of people and we have to keep our children inside. They sit and dowwel and smoke and all you hear is this gangster taal the whole day,” he says.

“We know they have guns and we feel very unsafe. I haven’t seen the police here yet.”

Lentegeur police station commander, Colonel Herman Seals, confirms the area is a drug hotspot and says tik, heroin, dagga, and mandrax are being sold.

He says the father reported the matter to Mitchells Plain police station and not Lentegeur SAPS who are responsible for policing Woodlands.

“There are daily stop and search operations and there have been numerous arrests made relating to drugs in Juno Street and surrounds for the month of February and the suspects have appeared in court on said charges,” says Seals.

He urged residents to report crime anonymously by calling the station on 021 377 5000 or the sector commander on 082 378 9294.

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