MIXED REACTION: Kenny Kunene and his painting

Sushi king Kenny Kunene has bought a painting of a naked Mmusi Maimane and Helen Zille, which he has put in his bedroom, “so I can wake up to it every morning”.

The club owner announced his latest purchase on Twitter, where the shocking painting received mixed reaction from his followers.

It depicts Democratic Alliance leader Maimane, in all his kaalgat glory, as a slave to white masters.

Maimane is pulling Western Cape Premier Zille, sitting oopbene, and DA federal executive chairperson James Selfe in a cart.

The words “modern slavery” are hanging from the cart. Zille and Selfe are also in their birthday suits.

Kunene tweeted: “I am now a proud owner of this masterpiece. Powerful storytelling through art. Thanks to the fearless artist.”

The art is reportedly the work of Cape Town artist Iven Amali, who signed his name in the bottom right corner.

Kunene previously praised Amali on Twitter for paintings of him on a throne and a facial portrait.

Zille said she would be ignoring the painting, while Maimane’s spokesperson Mabine Seabe said the “crude‚ disgusting painting belongs in a dustbin”.

Twitter has been left divided by Kunene’s purchase:

@SACitizen55 said: “#KennyKunene silly. Extreme low IQ if you call this is a ‘masterpiece’, worse if you painted it.”

But @SuperXolani tweeted: “Kenny Kunene should be a Lecturer, he explains easily! Art is the best form of expression! Those who felt it will never forget it.”

Some people tried to find out how much the painting cost. Kunene replied: “Hahaha … my lips (are) sealed.”

Two weeks ago, Ayanda Mabulu was in the spotlight over his painting depicting president Jacob Zuma performing oral sex on Atul Gupta.