Yagyah Robyn is back in court on June 4. Photo: Noor Slamdien/ ANA Pictures
Murder accused Yagyah Robyn says cops and a State witness planted his semen on his 14-year-old cousin’s lifeless body even as the scene was being secured by police with dozens of community members around it.

“It must have been done between when the body was found and when the pathologist came,” Robyn told State prosecutor, Liezl Herbst.

However, the Ocean View man couldn’t explain how someone could get hold of his semen without him being aware of it.

Robyn continued his testimony at the Western Cape High Court on Wednesday where he reiterated his claim that his DNA, namely semen, had been “planted” by Sergeant Moeketsi Raphala and state witness Tino Woodward, in order to frame him.

A forensic science analyst said Robyn’s DNA, which was taken from a buccal swab (from his mouth) matched DNA evidence found in Camron Britz’s vagina (semen), fingers, clothing and a bed sheet.

Robyn has pleaded not guilty to two counts of rape and one of murder.

The State is set to prove Robyn lured Camron away from a galley fire in Ocean View on July 1, 2017, on the pretence her father was calling her.

Camron’s body was found the next day, on a veld in Slangkop Road.

She had been raped and strangled to death and river weed was shoved into her mouth.

Robyn’s mother, Moeneeba Robyn, also testified, claiming her son was at home that night, despite a witness stating he was seen shortly after 3am near the scene of the crime.

“He left at 11pm - when his brother came in - to smoke and when he came back at 12am he closed the door behind him and placed the keys down next to my bed and went to sleep,” she said.

Asked if she woke up to see if her son was still there, Moeneeba said her kids “would never leave the house”.

Closing arguments have been set for June 4 after both the State and defence closed their case.

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