Yagyah Robyn testifies at the Cape High Court. Photo: Noor Slamdien/ANA Pictures
Yagyah Robyn, the man accused of raping and killing his 14-year-old cousin, on Tuesday testified in his own defence in the Western Cape High Court, where he reiterated his claim that DNA evidence had been planted at the crime scene to incriminate him.

Wearing a fez and a tasbeegh around his neck, a calm and well-spoken Robyn claimed he was at home when Camron Britz was brutally raped and killed on a veldjie next to Slangkop Street in Ocean View on Sunday, 2 July last year.

Robyn, 20, has pleaded not guilty to two counts of rape and one of murder.

It is alleged that he had lured Camron away from a galley fire in Ocean View on the Saturday night by saying her father was calling her.

Her body was found the next day by her little brother during a search.

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Earlier on Tuesday, Dr Sipho Mfolozi testified that he had examined “a calm-looking” Robyn on the Sunday, and completed a J88 form indicating injuries he had sustained, allegedly during a struggle with Camron.

He said Robyn had had a bite mark on his left hand, as well as five abrasions and bruises which had already healed.

He explained these wounds would have healed between four and 20 hours after being inflicted.

Robyn said he had gotten hurt while skateboarding.

While being questioned by his lawyer, Advocate Emile de Villiers, Robyn claimed he had smoked an entjie with Camron on the Saturday night, and was back at home before midnight.

'FOUGHT BACK': Camron Britz 'had a struggle with Robyn'

“At 11pm, I left the flat to get a lighter and saw people sitting at a fire,” he testified.

“Camron was there and asked if I have a cigarette.”

He saw her again later, and told her that her father was looking for her, and went home. He claimed he had seen State witness Tino Woodward before midnight, who said his brother was calling him. He denied being near Francis Court at 3am, close to the bush where Camron was found, as Woodward had testified.

“I walked up the stairs and closed the door and there is a clock as you enter and it was five or six minutes before 12am and my mother was awake,” he testified.

He claimed the next day he joined his friends skateboarding and injured himself, before the community attacked him.

“We heard they were looking for the people who were last with her (Camron) around the fire and as I walked to where the crime scene was, a group of people came after me and they had a panga and there were rumours that I had murdered her.”

Robyn also believes his semen had been planted at the crime scene.

“I suspect my DNA was planted in an attempt to frame me,” he claimed.

When De Villiers asked Robyn who he thought incriminated him, he answered: “Sergeant Moeketsi Raphala and Tino Woodward.”

His testimony continues on Wednesday.

Earlier this week, forensic science analyst, Warrant Officer Lauren Alberts, told the court that Robyn’s DNA matched the semen and blood found in Camron’s vagina, her fingers, clothing and a bed sheet found at the crime scene.

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