VICTIM: Abdul Haseeb, 23

An Elsies River businessman, who was reported missing by his family on Friday, has been found murdered in what authorities believe was a car sale gone wrong.
Pakistani national Abdul Haseeb, 23, who was married to a South African woman, was shot once in the head.

His body had been dumped on the N2, next to the N2 Gateway innie Delft, and his car is missing.

 SCENE: The Pakistani national was shot in the head and found dumped next to the N2 Gateway, Delft

Community members had spotted a body being dumped on Thursday night, but the family only reported him missing on Friday morning.

Haseeb, the owner of [email protected], had left his shop in Halt Road on Thursday for what was supposed to be a meeting to either sell his Audi A3 or a cellphone.

Imraahn Mukaddam, executive member of the Elsies River Community Police Forum, says it is extremely sad that this young man has been taken from his family.

“According to his friends, he had not told anyone where he was going. So either he went to meet someone whose phone he had repaired, to sell a phone or to show someone the red Audi A3, his car that he had advertised on Gumtree,” he says.

  PROBE: Abdul was on his way to 'sell his car'

“It is still unclear where he was heading as well. The family only reported the matter on Friday morning.

“The car’s papers are also gone, so this could perhaps mean he was taking the car to be sold.”

Haseeb had recently married and had a four-month-old baby.

The devastated family are desperate to know what had happened to him.

Yesterday, it was hoped his body could be released from the morgue for burial by Islamic rites, but the strike by the workers had hampered operations at Tygerberg Mortuary.

Lieutenant-Colonel Andrè Traut confirms the murder of Haseeb and says there are no arrests yet.

“The circumstances surrounding the murder of the missing person are being investigated after his body was discovered at the N2 Gateway in Delft on Thursday.” he says.