A family from Bonteheuwel is in mourning after their father was killed over a cigarette.

Fakie Kamroodien, 41, was walking down the road from his friend’s house in Taaibos Avenue in the early hours of Tuesday morning when he was accosted by a group of men who wanted a cigarette.

He refused and was shot five times and died in the road.

His traumatised wife Shamiela, 32, who is nearly eight months pregnant, says they are in for a bleak Ramadaan.

The couple also have a five-year-old daughter.

According to Shamiela, Fakie had been visiting with friends, and told her he would be home early.

She says his friends tried to stop him from leaving early but he insisted on going home.

On his way home, a group of men stopped him.

“From what I know, there was a guy walking towards him and this guy told him to turn around because of the group of guys behind him. He said he told Fakie they were trouble, but Fakie just walked on,” says the young mother.

Fakie Kamroodien of Bonteheuwel was shot dead by skollies wanting a cigarette

“He was smoking and they asked him for a cigarette. He said he did not have any more and only had the one he was smoking.

“They shot him five times, over a cigarette. My husband was killed for a cigarette,” the woman says before bursting into tears.

Fakie was laid to rest on Tuesday according to Muslim rites.

Shamiela, who is unemployed, says Fakie was the breadwinner in the house.

The mother says she does not know how she is going to cope on her own with a young child and a baby on the way.

“We are married for six years and now he is gone. Our baby will never know him,” she sobs.

“They took my life partner, my children’s father, our provider, just for a cigarette. He did not deserve this and my children don’t deserve to grow up without their father. This fast is not going to be easy for me,” says Shamiela.

Police spokesperson Lieutenant-Colonel Andrè Traut confirmed the shooting.

“The incident occurred on Tuesday morning at 2am in Taaibos Street, Bonteheuwel. The circumstances are being investigated and no one has been arrested as yet,” says Traut.

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