TALENTED: Jaden and Gershawn off to Durbs

Ten-year-old Jaden is currently ranked third innie land.

He and his brother, Gershawn Pretorius, 14, who are both adopted, have made their parents very proud.

BRO'S: Jaden and Gershawn

Mom Maxine Molander, 70, says their little sister Chloe Pretorius, 10, has now also joined the karate kids and has promised to take down her brothers “pretty soon”.

The Molander kids have over 70 medals between them which they’ve won in tournaments across the country.

“They make me so proud all the time, I know they will do well and come home champions as always. We guide our kids and hope for the best.”

Jayden and Gershawn are very excited and hope to bring home gold again.

“I am ready and we train all the time. We will come out number one again,” says Jayden.

For this trip the family has raised R3 000 so far, but they still need another R2 000.

“People know our children and we know people will help send them on their trip. They are fantastic children and just need the opportunity to show their worth,” says Maxine.

The brothers are competing in the Elite category, and the tournament takes place on 14 and 15 July.