'PLOT': Julius Malema

And their plot is backed by a former British ambassador to South Africa, Robin Renwick.

According to the Sunday Mail, which called the two an “unholy alliance”, Renwick met Malema in London in 2015.

Kasukuwere is allegedly involved in a faction within Zanu-PF known as G40 which appears to be opposed to vice-president Emmerson Mnangagwa, 74, who is tipped to succeed Mugabe when he dies or retires.

Martin Dinha, a provincial governor said he was “ready to prove” the konkelry.

“I submitted the allegation that Comrade Kasukuwere is working with Julius Malema because they both share the ambition to take over power from Presidents Mugabe and Zuma respectively”.

He said Kasukuwere brought Malema to Zimbabwe in 2010 and that many suspect Malema is funding G40.

Analysts say that the mainly state-controlled newspapers, such as the Sunday Mail, and the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation which dominate the media scene in Zimbabwe, are partial towards vice-president Mnangagwa.

Renwick served as UK ambassador to South Africa in the last stages of the National Party government and had much to do with Nelson Mandela after he was released.

The Sunday Mail said Renwick did much to “destabilise” the ANC after it was unbanned in 1990.

He was a member of the British team in Rhodesia during the ceasefire leading to elections in 1980.