Nikita Lewis

The murder trial of Nikita Lewis, 24, who had allegedly been stabbed to death by her Zimbabwean boyfriend is nearing its end.

Lloyd Dube Simbarashe, 40, allegedly stalked Nikita to the Saartjie Baartman Centre, where she had sought refuge after he had thrown acid in her face.

Acting Judge Melanie Holderness found Lloyd Simbarashe Guilty of Count 1 of 7, assault (grievous bodily harm), incident in which he threw acid in her face on 19 August 2015. 

He allegedly also assaulted her mother, Bonita, and her grandmother, breaking ouma’s wrist trying to get them to give up her location.

He found her on 9 October and waited for her outside a supermarket on Klipfontein Road.

He allegedly chased her inside and as she tried to fight him off, he stabbed her 18 times in the chest.

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