‘PEACE’: A ‘truce was agreed’ upon between Joe Slovo protesters and the City following rampant violence, including the torching of this MyCiTi bus. CREDIT: Phandp Jikelo

The destruction started on Sunday after the City’s Anti-Land Invasion Unit broke down 20 shacks on an old school site, according to Law Enforcement spokesperson Wayne Dyason.

A MyCiTi bus was torched and residents burnt tyres and blocked roads.

On Monday, more than 500 protesters gathered in the streets of Joe Slovo and Phoenix and set a community hall and a clinic on fire.

Mayco member for Safety and Security, JP Smith, says it will cost the City an estimated R2 million to replace the bus and repair the hall.

According to a community leader, who asked not to be named, a meeting was called on Tuesday afternoon with the protesters, City officials and community leaders.

“They called a truce and said they would not protest and that is why Tuesday was so peaceful.

“This thing has been coming for a while, but none of the legitimate community leaders know who these people are.

“The site was previously used to house the learners from Sinenjongo High School and when the new school was built, they moved out.

“Now people keep trying to invade the land, but the community doesn’t want more shacks there.”

A City official, who asked not to be named, confirms that the meeting took place but says the truce will only stand until Monday.

“On Monday, the City will meet with them and the community leaders again to discuss the City’s plans for that land.”

In a Facebook post, Area North Mayco Member Suzette Little said the group of protesters are not recognised by the leaders of Joe Slovo.

“This is a group of people that has come in and the leadership of Joe Slovo doesn’t even recognise them.

“We are in the process of following up to ensure that we hold these people accountable for the damage that was done,” she wrote.

Little could, however, not confirm if a temporary truce had been called.

But the community leader says residents are happy for some peace and quiet.

Ons het so lekker geslaap on Tuesday, like babies!”