IN THE DRIVING SEAT: Accused Colin Booysen and Nafiz Modack
The spotlight has been turned on the close relationship between a senior police official and an alleged high-flying Cape Flats family in court.

The cop, who is investigating two alleged kingpins over a violent take-over of the Cape Town nightclub security industry, has been questioned over his close ties with the family of Jerome “Donkie” Booysen, the alleged leader of the Sexy Boys gang.

Last week a picture of the sons of Colonel Charl Kinnear and Booysen was presented in court.

Kinnear said the picture was taken in 2013 and admitted he might have taken it himself.

HOME VISIT: Jerome Booysen

Kinnear is on the stand at the Cape Town Magistrate's Court where he is testifying in the bail application of controversial businessman Nafiz Modack, Donkie’s brother Jerome Booysen, Carl Lakay, Ashley Fields and Jacques Cronjé.

The five were nabbed on 15 December and face charges of extortion and intimidation linked to the nightclub security business.

They allegedly tried to extort R369 000 from The Grand Africa Cape and Beach near the V&A Waterfront.

Lakay’s lawyer, Advocate Rooshdeen Rudolph, grilled Kinnear on his relationship with the Booysens.

“What is the address of Theresa Booysen (Jerome’s sister)?” Rudolph asked.

“I’m not sure,” Kinnear said.

VASVRA: It has emerged that investigating officer Charl Kinnear has close ties to the Booysens

Asked if he visited the house on a social basis, Kinnear said: “A couple of times I was at the home but to fetch my children and the day the photo was taken.”

Rudolph then stated: “Is it correct to say you socialised with the Booysens, the so-called ‘gangsters’ as you like to mention. As a high-ranking officer knowing Michael Booysen committed murder, Colin committed murder, you morally thought it was fine for your children to socialise in a ‘gangster’ environment? I put it to you, that very house was in the media as police found a huge stash of drugs where your children frequented.”

Kinnear responded by saying his children attended “the same Christian school” as the Booysen’s children.

Earlier in the matter, it was alleged that controversial businessman Mark Lifman was part of an older faction that the five accused allegedly wanted to overthrow to take over the nightclub security scene.

Last week, Fields’ lawyer, Ben Mathewson, questioned Kinnear about two visits he made to Lifman’s home, which Kinnear had said was in connection with investigations he was busy with.

Cronjé’s lawyer, Advocate Chad Levendal, also questioned Kinnear about a meeting his boss, Major-General Jeremy Vearey, had with his client in November.

At this meeting, Vearey allegedly indicated that Cronjé’s arrest was “imminent”.

FACTION: Businessman Mark Lifman

“Vearey tried to extract information from my client regarding security,” said Rudolph.

But Kinnear said: “I don’t know what happens in Vearey’s meetings.”

Vearey is the head of the Cape Town Cluster of Police who was instrumental in the arrest of the five suspects.

Sensational claims have emerged from the case, including that senior police officers are under the control of Lifman.

The matter continues.

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