Human Settlements Minister Lindiwe Sisulu

Human Settlements Minister Lindiwe Sisulu says her department is still looking at the possibility of introducing a biometric system which will detect RDP home owners’ eyes instead of using keys to prevent people from selling their free houses.

Sisulu raised the possibility of such a system in December.

She met with construction industry role players in Roodepoort at the weekend about her vision for housing, which she says goes beyond building houses but creating integrated cities.

The minister asked the business sector and NGOs to partner with government to develop integrated cities.

But she was concerned about the number of people selling their RDP homes. She said people should keep their homes as an investment and look after them.

She said she is currently looking for IT specialists to create a biometric system for RDP houses.

“We’d be able to ensure that people don’t sell their houses where you’d not need a key to open your house but your eye will open your house so that the possibility of selling it is nil,” she reportedly told EWN.

Sisulu said the biometric model has worked in countries such as India.