EXPENSIVE P!SS: Durban eatery's toilet bill

Durban resident Reeza Khan and his cousin were at North Beach last weekend when they started knyping.

“We went up the stairs and didn’t see the sign. Before we could enter the restrooms, this manager rushed up and asked for R20,” says a shocked Khan.

“We asked whether he meant R2 or R20.

“My cousin asked if we could not get a cooldrink instead, but we were told cooldrinks don’t qualify. So I paid R40 to use the restroom. When we came out, we were given the slip with the charges listed.”

Khan posted on Facebook: “In my whole entire existence on this earth, this is the most expensive * !ss I’ve ever taken. R20 each to use the restrooms. That’s ridiculous and to top it off we even received a slip for the facilities used #daylightrobberybutatnight.”

The restaurant, The Jolly Grubber, has a sign at the entrance to the premises that reads: “Toilets are for use of Jolly Grubber customers only. Buying just drinks will not qualify you to use these facilities. Therefore, it is unlawful dishonest, theft, haraam to use this facility without permission. Service charge of R20 per person payable at the counter. This is not a public toilet.”

Owner Junaid Moola was not available for comment, but the restaurant did comment on its Facebook page.

It said the company would like to clarify the misunderstanding after the “recent social media debacle” and that it did not charge patrons for the use of the toilet facilities. “It is for your convenience,” the statement read.

“However for non-patrons that support other establishments but choose to use our facilities, there is a service charge of R20.

“The hundreds that frequent the beachfront area ... insisting on wanting to use our clean facilities for free leaving our facilities in a disgusting mess, for us to clean up. This is most certainly unacceptable.”