BUSTED: Suspect Dylan Chap was released and did it again. CREDIT: Supplied

A man has taken to Facebook asking for help to catch a thief who broke into his house three times in a one week.

Dustin Cornelson has offered a reward of R500 for information leading to the arrest of the brazen dief, who had been caught and admitted to stealing his stuff.

He posted a picture of the alleged thief, which he took last week at the police station.

He says the suspect, known as Dylan Chap, was even arrested but then skipped his court date and allegedly broken into Dustin’s Delft house again on Tuesday.

Dustin, 35, and his wife Shannon and their two daughters, aged five years and and six months, are now too scared to sleep at night, for fear the skelm will return.

Last Wednesday Dustin’s bakkie, parked in the front yard, was broken into and his Pioneer sound system was stolen.

The next day he came home from a youth service and realised someone had broken into his house and stolen his Samsung Tablet and a Blackberry 9300 cellphone.

Dustin Cornelson is offering a reward for the man who burgled his home CREDIT: Manqoba Ngidi

And on Tuesday, someone smashed his back window, left blood all over it, and took his Lenovo laptop and his wife’s fancy CK perfume.

The community worker says last Thursday he asked two ouens to bring him the guy who broke into his house.

Dustin says: “A few hours later I heard whistling outside the gate and went to find Dylan Chap tied up and being held down by the skarrelaars.

“I demanded to know where my stuff was, he even confessed to taking it. I loaded him on the bakkie and we headed for Delft Police Station.”

At the cop shop, Dylan was processed and released. He skipped his court date on Monday and then allegedly broke into the Cornelson home again on Tuesday.

Shannon says ouens in the area told her “Dylan promised to clear out our house”.

“He will be coming back until we have nothing left,” she says angrily.

“I feel violated and will not rest until he is found.”

Dustin adds: “We work so hard and don’t deserve to be robbed. It’s like we can’t get anywhere as a community because people can just come and take what they want.”