IN CUSTODY: Randy Tango has confessed to killing neighbour
Randy Tango says he murdered his 11-year-old rape victim because he didn’t want to go to jail.

On Tuesday, during his plea explanation at the Western Cape High Court, Tango finally admitted to raping and strangling to death his neighbour Stacha Arendse of Tafelsig, in Mitchells Plain.

For the first time since Stacha’s murder on March 27, shocking details of what took place on that fateful day, according to Tango, were revealed in an open court.

On Monday, the matter was postponed after Tango, 31, complained of a headache and stomach pains and was sent to hospital.

STRANGLED: Stacha Arendse

On Tuesday, he appeared cheerful and even smiled during proceedings, presided over by Judge Robert Henney.

On four previous counts of rape, involving two victims, one of whom was 14 years old at the time, Tango pleaded not guilty.

These attacks occurred between November 2008 and July 2012 in Tafelsig.

On two counts of rape, and a count of murder for Stacha, which took place at his home in Matroosberg Street, Tafelsig, Tango pleaded guilty.

Tango’s lawyer, Advocate Koos Smit, told the court he was in possession of a plea explanation in which his client detailed how he had lured Stacha to his house and “had sex with her”.

When she threatened to tell her mother about the rape, he killed her.

EMOTIONAL: Family and close friends

According to Tango, he was sitting in his front yard when he noticed Stacha entering a house in the street.

He then called a little boy to get Stacha (believed to be under the pretext of her mother calling her) and as she passed his home, he called her over.

They went into the house and he closed the door.

Smit then read: “The victim told him not to hurt her and that she would do anything. He asked her if she will sleep with him and she again said she will do anything.

“He took the victim to the bedroom where he had sexual intercourse with her. The victim told him to stop but he did not want to stop.

“The victim then said that she was going to tell her mother, to which he reacted by saying he is not going to jail for this. He strangled the victim until she was dead.”

VERY UPSET: Shannon and Sandy Markgraaff

Stacha’s mother, Sandy Markgraff, and other relatives wailed loudly as they heard this.

Tango said he wrapped Stacha’s body in a sheet and put it in his wheelie bin, which he pushed to the nearby Tafelsig soccer field.

He dumped her body in the bush, and hid her clothing and the sheet on a different spot.

He returned home but said that his actions had “bothered” him.

He did not help search for Stacha, and was arrested on March 28, and decided to co-operate with police.

The case continues.

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