Nikita Lewis
A man accused of killing his girlfriend after he previously threw acid in her face has pleaded not guilty and claims he cannot remember stabbing 24-year-old Nikita Lewis to death.

Nikita, from Factreton, was murdered in October 2015, and the trial of her ex-boyfriend, Lloyd Simbarashe, 40, kicked off in the Cape High Court on Tuesday.

Nikita was being sheltered at the Saartjie Baartman Centre in August 2015, after Simbarashe flung acid in her face earlier that month.

He then allegedly stalked her to a nearby shop, where he stabbed her 20 times in front of shocked witnesses.

The accused also faces seven other charges relating to housebreaking, and the assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm (GBH) of Nikita’s mother, Bonita Lewis, and grandmother, Hilda Isaacs, 72, and three witnesses and their four minor children who allegedly witnessed how he killed Nikita.

PLEADED NOT GUILTY: Lloyd Simbarashe

Simbarashe claims he thought there was water in the bottle which he threw in Nikita’s face, that they were busy reconciling while she was at Saartjie Baartman Centre, and that they were going to get married.

Defence attorney, Sheriff Mohammed, says on the fatal day, his client met Nikita to hand her money and a tab.

“He cannot recall grabbing her, chasing her and sitting on top of her and stabbing her,” he said.

“He came to his senses at the superette with Nikita dead next to him and a knife in his hand. My client may have suffered from extreme emotional stress and / or amnesia. Add to that the consumption of drugs, he may not have been able to control himself, rendering him not responsible for his actions.”

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