KWAAD: Shafieka Jacobs, 44, livid at son’s treatment. PHOTO: SUPPLIED.

A mother from Coniston Park says she wants to expose the “negligence and crappy attitude” of staff at Victoria and Groote Schuur hospitals after her son nearly died.

Shafieka Jacobs, 44, says three weeks ago, her eldest son, Keanu Jacobs, 22, started vomiting, had severe pain and was given a referral from their family doctor to go to Victoria Hospital in Wynberg.

“We went to Victoria Hospital and was told his appendix was swollen. He was sent home with Tramadol (pain tablets) and antibiotics,” says Shafieka.

“He was in so much pain and the Monday had to be rushed to hospital again.

“Although we had a letter, we waited for two hours, and when they finally saw to him, he was rushed into theatre as his appendix had burst.”

PATIENT: Keanu Jacobs, 22, had a pencil drain inserted in wound at Victoria Hospital. PHOTO: SUPPLIED. 

This led to poisonous pus leaking into his abdominal area and a pencil drain was installed.

“The Wednesday after his operation, they checked the drainage and the pus oozed out. The pencil drain was not put in correctly and not draining the pus. It was reeking.

“The doctor said there was a 50/50 chance he could die if the pus stays inside,” the mom says.

She says Keanu was again discharged and sent home with antibiotics and Panado pille.

“On Thursday, 28 February, he woke up screaming of pain, backache and numb legs.

“The next day we took him back to hospital and he was put on a drip. The nurse injected the drip incorrectly and a vein burst.

“They told us there was no need for a second operation, but he needed to go to Groote Schuur for a CT scan and [percutaneous abscess] drain.

SCENE: Keanu sent to Groote Schuur Hospital for CT scan. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

“My son sat in the waiting area and had to attend to his own (septic) wound after a doctor said no one was available to assist him,” she says angrily.

“On Monday, he told me he went blind for a while and was screaming for 20 minutes before he was attended to. My child told me he feels like he’s dying.

“How could they be so negligent, my son could have died!”

A spokesperson for the Department of Health, Monique Johnstone, apologised for the family’s negative experience.


She confirms Keanu was admitted to Victoria Hospital on 13 February, and discharged two days later with pain tablets and antibiotics.

“Unfortunately he was readmitted to the hospital on 18 February 2019 with abdominal pain and further complications.

“He was then again treated, but also referred to Groote Schuur Hospital for a CT scan and further specialist treatment.

“Mr. Jacobs is more than welcome to contact the hospital’s management team to resolve the matter.”

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