TRAGIC: Robin was shot in the head in 2013
The family of a Manenberg teen, who became partially paralysed after a gang shooting, will be starting a trust in their son’s name to help victims of gang violence.

Last month the parents of Robin Adams, 18, shared their story of struggle to raise their son after a stray bullet lodged in his brain.

On 8 July 2013, Robin and his friends were playing soccer when a stray bullet from a Hard Livings and Americans shootout entered the left side of his brain.

He was rushed to GF Jooste Hospital where doctors told mom Shireen, 43, there was no hope and she was asked if she would donate his organs.

However, his father Ewald, 42, insisted he be taken to Groote Schuur Hospital, where he underwent surgery.

The bullet had split inside his brain and caused his eye to pop out of the socket.

At the time, Robin was a Grade 8 learner at Wynberg High School and a promising soccer player. The teen endured five operations and over the years his family incurred numerous expenses as he had to go for additional treatments and change schools.

Shireen says after appearing in the Daily Voice, a kind-hearted stranger from Durban paid R28 000 towards his school fees.

HELPING HAND: Robin Adams, 18, of Manenberg on the mend

“Two other people came forward with monetary donations and then a lady from Radio Tygerberg helped us with a driver to take Robin to his physiotherapy. A lady in Bo-Kaap also gave Robin free physio for the rest of his life,” she says.

Ewald says the family is focused on getting Robin through school, and working hard to ensure that he makes it to university.

The parents are now working to establish a trust in Robin’s name, aimed at helping victims of gang violence.

“We are so blessed, but we also struggled a lot. We lost a lot after Robin was shot and it has been really hard. We want to start a trust to help other families who are facing the same issues. We don’t want the victims to stay victims but we want to give them a chance to still make something out of their lives. Our only issue is that we need a lawyer who can assist us in covering the legal paperwork to start the trust,” says Shireen.

If you would like to assist the family with legal advice, call Shireen on 071 398 8772.

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