Steve Hofmeyer supports Brexit. CREDIT: Sourced

Steve Hofmeyr is full of praise for Brexit, and has suggested Capetonians vote for their own Wexit - the exit of the Western Cape from South Africa.

As the world battles to come to grips with the full implications of Britain leaving the European Union, the Afrikaans singer and activist put his two cents in on the move.

Taking to Twitter yesterday, Hofmeyr hinted: “Watch for Brexit contagion. Fexit, Nexit, Grexit, Swexit, Itexit, and even Gexit. And Wexit (Western Cape).”

He then told people to lighten up, as #regretsit sets in.

“Expect plenty knee-jerk, but Brexit has two years to clean house. Sit back, Relax.”

He also dismissed fears that Brexit would have a negative impact on South Africa, saying the rand is already doing badly on its own.

“Plz, the rand is so volatile it dives when there’s snow in Siberia,” he tweeted.

But it’s clear he’s impressed with the Britons who voted “yes” for the divorce from the EU, on the back of fears that foreigners were taking their jobs and destroying British culture.

“Brexit did it. Brits lead the way to self-determination” and “A good day for political incorrect sanity.”