Alert police shot and killed a hijacker in Delft.

A brazen hijacker was shot dead by a wakker cop who noticed the crime in progress.

Cops say the trouble began on Thursday just after 9.15pm when six armed men forced four occupants of a green Opel Corsa out of the vehicle along Delft Main Road.

The victims were made to lie on the ground, but as the hijackers got into the car, cops on patrol noticed the suspicious activity and reacted.

Police say one of the robbers, who was armed, pointed the firearm at the victims and cops.

Warrant officer Brian Daniels explains: “The suspect with the firearm pointed it at police.

“The member warned the suspect to drop the firearm. The suspect refused and the member fired a warning shot.

“Upon his further refusal, the member fired at the suspect, hitting him in the upper body.

“The suspect, aged 29, died at the scene and police recovered the [hijacker’s target] vehicle and the firearm.”

Police did not confirm whether the other suspects were arrested or not.