DISCIPLINE: Peninsula German Shepherd Dog Federation event
Dog lovers will be flocking to this German Shepherd show, held by a dog club in Grassy Park.

The Peninsula German Shepherd Dog Federation, which has been running for five years, can’t wait to show off the amazing abilities of the 114 honde at Fairmount Secondary School on Saturday at 8am.

Also on show will be the skills of their youngsters, who are learning to become dog trainers.

This is a free community event which shows kids that there are alternatives to crime, and offers a doorway to a better, more disciplined future.

Chairperson of the federation, Raphael Sauls, says this show is not just about grooming, care and training of the beautiful breed.

“We are not just training dogs. We are teaching the 15 kids, who are part of the team, how to become responsible with their animals and take care of them properly,” he says.

“These kids come from underprivileged backgrounds and see dogfights on the streets all the time. With these illegal fights, other forms of crime also impact them until they become part of all that is negative in our communities.

“This is what we want to change. It is unbelievable to see the change that comes from having to be responsible for a dog. Our kids love the animals and they learn self-worth and respect.”

With the water shortages in Cape Town, the event has had to rely on sponsors, the most important of which is Fairmount Secondary.

“We had a venue, but were disappointed when permission was withdrawn because of the water shortage. The school came to the rescue and we will have water to keep the animals hydrated. This is going to be a nice event and we hope to engage more of the youth,” Sauls says.

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