FLASHBACK: Lucus was snatched but saved. CREDIT: Solly Lottering

Simone Cedras, 29, plucked her two-year-old son from flames in their Wendy house in Hartebees Street, Scottsdene in Kraaifontein.

The blaze, which broke out just after 10pm on Friday, completely destroyed their home and all their possessions, leaving the family destitute.

The mother of six was in the news earlier this year when her eight-month-old son Lucus was stolen by her “friend” Miranda Julies.

Julies was arrested after allegedly taking Lucus while he was sleeping in his cot on 10 January.

Two days later, Julies’ mother Regina Julies piemped her to police after she visited her home with the infant.

Simone’s sister Chamonay says her sister is a hero.

“It was my sister, whose child was stolen over three months ago, that’s the hero," she says.

“On Friday just after 10pm, the fire broke out and everything happened so fast. Everyone tried to save what they could and Simone thought on her feet and immediately saw that one of her four children was not present.

“Ricardo, or Klaasvakie as we call him, was still asleep in the Wendy house when the back of the Wendy started burning.”

Chamonay says her brave sister ran back into the Wendy house before the flames could engulf her son.

“We called for the fire department and our local ward councillor who usually assists us,” she says.

“I saw my sister save Klaasvakie, his clothes had burnt onto his little body. Both Klaasvakie and my sister were rushed to Kraaifontein Day Hospital but later transferred to another hospital.

“Trying to save the life of her son, she was badly burnt on her back and shoulders.

“Klaasvakie’s arm was badly burnt and he is in a critical condition, but he is alive.”

Home owner Chirl Cedras admits that her family living in her yard made use of dangerous electrical connections.

“I will get blamed for the burning of the Wendy house soon, it’s my own family living in my yard and they all have their own connections. Last year we also had a fire and four hokkies burnt down, but they don’t want to listen,” a frustrated Chirl says.

Neither Fire and Rescue nor SAPS could confirm the fire yesterday.