'Noem My Skollie' on circuit from September 3

Hemelbesem is making a clean sweep and has composed the title track of the new movie Noem My Skollie.

Just like he did for Four Corners, the artist whose real name is Simon Witbooi, composed the track.

Hemelbesem says: “It’s a carefully crafted song. The moment I finished the movie I made a couple of crib notes and I took it home and I started writing the song.”

He plays the character of Ghost, aka Spoek, the leader of the 26 prison gang who tries to convince the main character to join the gang.

But Hemelbesem says this is not another “gangster movie”.

He says: “What makes this one different is that it’s not really a gang movie, it’s based on a true story of Mr [John] Fredericks.”

“There’s depth behind these people that are normally stereotypes, I think it’s gonna be vivid and real but it doesn’t glorify the idea of gangsters, you won’t get that when you finish the movie.”

COMPOSER: Hemelbesem

Noem My Skollie was written by John Fredericks and tells his story of growing up in Kewtown and life behind bars in the 60s.

Dann-Jacques Mouton, Tarryn Wyngaard, Christian Bennett, Gershwin Mias, Oscar Peterson, Abdu Adams, Peter Butler, Charlton George, Jill Levenberg, Denise Newman also star in the film.

The musical score was composed by renowned Cape Town musician, Kyle Shepherd.

But Hemelbesem says his song has pride of place in the fliek.

“It’s at the ending just before the credits start rolling and it will sum up the life of AB in the movie.”

Noem My Skollie is on circuit from September 2.