NIGHTMARE: Mom Kumeshnee Sam and her son, Zack, 3
A Belhar mom of three children, one who has cerebral palsy, says skelms have made their lives a living hell after stealing water pipes and damaging their geyser, leaving them high and dry.

To make matters worse, a few months ago, the City of Cape Town installed a water management device, which means they now only get 350 litres of water per day.

This has, in turn, affected their income, as mom Kumeshnee Sam is a part-time hairdresser who works from home.

The mom says they are often without water for hours.

“We discovered one day when we came home that the pipes had been removed on the outside of the property and the tap was removed a few months ago,” Kumeshnee says.

CONCERN: Oupa Patrick Sam with grandson Zack, who has cerebral palsy

“Then they also climbed into the roof and stole the wiring and parts of the geyser, which resulted in flooding.

“This damaged the wooden flooring, which now has mould and dirt underneath it, which is not hygienic for my son, Zack.”

A few weeks after three-year-old Zack and his twin brother Seth Sam were born, his parents learnt Zack has cerebral palsy and is blind.

Since then it has been a battle for Kumeshnee, 35, and her husband, Eben Adams.

The couple also has an older child, Zeeshan.

The family lives in a three-bedroom home which is owned by Kumeshnee’s dad. Zack, who is the size of a one-year-old child, is fed via a tube to his stomach, is confined to a wheelchair and is unable to speak or feed himself.

The mom has to carry the wheelchair as their home is not wheelchair-friendly.

FRUSTRATING: The Belhar home is not wheelchair friendly

“The wooden step my father has made was stolen and the wheels of the buggy always get stuck in the sand,” she adds.

Oupa Patrick Sam, 65, says their water allocation is not enough: “The water meter provides 350 litres a day and there are eight people living here and this is not enough.”

Kumeshnee agrees: “When I come home at night, there is no water to see to Zack’s needs.”

City spokesman, Luthando Tyhalibongo, says they will follow up on the family’s complaints.

“The City can confirm that the last service request that was received from the customer was on 15 October 2018, and it was duly attended to.

“Although no further complaints were received, the Water and Sanitation Department will dispatch a team to visit this property and investigate the matter.”

If you can assist the family, contact Kumeshnee on 072 937 1657.

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