HEARTSORE: Lumkile Booi, 35, caught his wife jolling. CREDIT: Monique Duval

Even worse, says Lumkile Booi, 35, when he moered his wife’s jolman, he learnt this was not the only Ben Ten in her little black book.

“I beat him up and he screamed, ‘there’s another one, it’s not just me’,” says a heartbroken Lumkile.

He has since sent his wife Baliswa, 33, back to her mother in Khayelitsha, and says he doesn’t want her back home because he fears she might “poison” him.

He also wants to alert church leaders to what is going on “right under their noses”.

Lumkile, currently an unemployed long distance truck driver, says he suspected something was off when the kerkbroer from the ZCC Church in Mfuleni came to his house.

Baliswa said the man wanted to borrow bags because he was moving to Mfuleni.

MIN GESPIN: Baliswa Booi, 33. CREDIT: Supplied

“He came to the house and sat on my couch and she would not even come into the room. I looked him in the eyes and something was off. I felt it,” says Lumkile.

“[Last] Tuesday I went to town to look for work, but the transport was bad from town and I called to tell Baliswa I will be late,” he says.

“She said she would head to church. I felt strongly I had to get to the church.

“The trains were delayed and I got a lift to the church. Only the pastors were there, but they said she had just left.”

He took a back road home and that’s when he spotted his wife and her jolman together.

“He kissed her right there in the road and she let him!” says an outraged Lumkile.

“I threw them stones at them, but they just ran in different directions, not knowing where the stones were coming from.

“I chased him and beat him up and then he told me there is another one. I hit him with a knife and he called the police.

“I told the police what he had done to me and said he did not die, but I am still hurting.”

Baliswa, however, tells the Daily Voice her husband had cheated first.

“He cheated and had a child in our marriage and I am doing this now to get back at him. He sent me to my mother and I don’t worry. He can do whatever he wants now, I just want my stuff,” said Baliswa, before hanging up the phone.

A heartbroken Lumkile says his marriage is over.

“I do not want her back. She must go fetch her stuff at the church. I don’t want her at my house. She will poison me,” he adds.

An “administrator” from the ZCC Church, who did not want to identify herself, said they had no comment on the matter.