DITE DELIGHT: Kids enjoy meals and got gifts
Laaities from Lavender Hill on Thursday had a McDonald’s Happy Meal for the FIRST time in their young lives, and it’s all thanks to a generous pastor and his wife.

About 250 boys and girls enjoyed a burger and fries after the pastor managed to get staff from McD’s to bring their kos to Lavender Hill.

Staff from McDonald’s head office joined their Capricorn branch to visit Pastor Ivan Jones and his wife, Bronwyn, at their not for profit organisation, Revelation Ministries, located in the heart of Lavender Hill.

For the past 13 years, the couple have been serving the community by providing education and food, putting smiles on the faces of destitute children and those left traumatised by gang violence and drug abuse.

This year for their Christmas party, Pastor Jones decided to give the children the experience of chowing McDonald’s.

“Staff from McDonald’s are here today and will be doing face painting and giving the children Happy Meals,” he said.

SERVE: Pastor Ivan Jones and wife Bronwyn

“The money for this was raised by our organisation.

“They have been treated to dessert and will also be getting a toiletry bag and a gift.

“Many of these children have never experienced McDonald’s and never eaten a Happy Meal.

“It gives us great joy to give them this Christmas gift.”

Natalie Marinus, a representative for McDonald’s, says they were happy to be part of the initiative.

“We are supporting the Rise Up programme and came with the prepared meals and brought along balloons and did face painting, and our dessert truck is here,” she says.

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