A Grade 6 pupil from Edgemead Primary School died after reportedly falling from the ceiling in the hall, the Western Cape Education Department has said. CREDIT: ANA Pictures

The Western Cape Education Department on Friday confirmed the death of Kyle Grace on Thursday after apparently climbing up a staircase behind the stage in the school hall where he found himself in the ceiling and fell down when the ceiling boards gave way.

The school immediately notified paramedics who arrived shortly thereafter but declared Kyle dead upon their arrival.

Education department spokeswoman, Jessica Shelver, said: ” A full team from our district office left for the school immediately, including counsellors and psychologists.”

To assist with counselling support, four school counsellors from a neighbouring school joined to provide support.

“The incident has traumatised all concerned,” Shelver said

“This is an unspeakably tragic loss of such a young life. Our heartfelt condolences are with Kyle’s family at this very difficult time.”

The education district was set to provide further counselling to pupils and staff as required.