DEMAND WORK: Selvyn Theron, left, Fadiel Adams and Randy Saint Nel of G@tvol Capetonian
DEMAND WORK: Selvyn Theron, left, Fadiel Adams and Randy Saint Nel of [email protected] Capetonian
Cape Flats activist group, [email protected] Capetonian, has begun a hunger strike in front of the offices of the Department of Labour in Mitchells Plain in protest at the appointment of seven black staff instead of coloureds at the offices.

Yesterday a group of three protesters brought along their camping chairs and makeshift sleeping bags for their sit-in.

They came dressed in their Gatvol Capetonian T-shirts and vowed they would not move until they were addressed by Labour Minister Mildred Oliphant.

Fadiel Adams of the controversial pro-coloured group says [email protected] Capetonian held a meeting with authorities from the Department of Labour in the Town Centre in Mitchells Plain last year and they raised the issue of seven posts being filled by black candidates.

“The department acknowledged what happened here was wrong and that they would come back to us with corrective action within 30 days,” says Fadiel.

“It is eight months now and nothing. These posts were advertised. One person who applied said that he didn’t even get a phone call back. These positions were filled by seven black people and we saw this when we went inside.

“And they didn’t deny it, those people are still employed.

“We want the demographics [of the staff] to reflect that in the Western Cape. So-called coloured people are still 40 percent of the population and when you go inside there, you will see its two percent.”

It is for this reason that Fadiel, Randy Saint Nel and Selvyn Theron have staged their hunger strike.

The group also posted a video on social media on Tuesday in which it said: “Last year a crime was committed against the people of Mitchells Plain. Last year March we protested here because seven positions were advertised and seven positions were filled and seven black people were employed. 

"We have nothing against anyone employing black people anywhere, but the fact that they could not find one so-called coloured person in Mitchells Plain, I think this is criminal.

“We are going on a hunger strike, we will not leave this place until we get answers from the Minister.”

The Daily Voice contacted Candice Reenen and Teboho Thejane, communications officers for the Department of Labour, but they did not comment by the time of going to print.

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