GRATEFUL: Top learner Ubaidullah Davids, 18, of Silverstream Secondary
An orphaned Manenberg teen who won nine school awards is one step closer to fulfilling his dream of studying further after receiving a bursary.

This after trust members of the Sando Bursary Trust read the story of Ubaidullah Davids, 18, of Silverstream Secondary School, in the Daily Voice.

The matric pupil, named Valedictorian of the class of 2018, was speechless on Thursday after being told that members of the trust wanted to meet him so they could fund his studies.

The friendly boy, who lost both his parents three years ago, grew up in one of the most dangerous streets of Manenberg, Storms River Walk, but says despite being surrounded by skollies and drug addicts, he focuses on school work.

Three years ago his mom, Mariam Davids, died of breast cancer and three months later his father, Yusuf, died.

Ubaidullah was sad but says he managed to push forward with the help and love of his aunt Zubeida Adams, 48, and older brother Waleed Adams, 26.

After reading Ubaidullah’s story, trust members Mirah Ranchod, Terence Erasmus and Karriem Roomaney were inspired to help the teen, who has been provisionally accepted at UWC to study Water and Environmental Sciences, but did not have the required funds.

Mirah, a 38-year-old single mom, says she knows what it’s like to sukkel.

“Myself and Terence are partners in a law firm called Erasmus Ranchod and Associates,” Mirah explains.

INSPIRED: Mirah Ranchod and Terence Erasmus

“We set up the Sando Bursary Trust for previously disadvantaged students.

“It is for deserving students who persevere in trying circumstances and when I saw the article, I saw he falls squarely in our mandate. We would like to assist him with a full bursary.”

They are now arranging a meeting with Ubaidullah and his family to discuss the finer details of the bursary.

Reacting to the news, an excited Ubaidullah tells the Daily Voice: “I never expected this! I am speechless. I am grateful to the Daily Voice for sharing my story and to Mirah for helping me.

INSPIRED: Mirah Ranchod and Terence Erasmus

“I’m writing final exams and this is the best news.

“Not having to worry about money means I can focus on my work. But I am grateful to my family and the Almighty. I am working hard to make my dream come true.”

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