GIVING: Juvie Boys Entertainers ready to transport food parcels
A Cape Flats klopskamer say they’re ending the month of Ramadaan on a high note by donating hundreds of food parcels to the needy.

The Juvie Boys Entertainers hosted their 6th Annual Ramadaan Drive on Saturday when they handed out the parcels to underprivileged mense in Mitchells Plain, Heideveld and Athlone.

The hampers consisted of bread, flour, oil, fruit and vegetables, as well as sweets.

The klopskamer invited Muslims to donate their Fitrah, Fidyah and Sadaqah to the cause of feeding the poor.

Fitrah is the donation all Muslims must pay before the day of Eid, as an expiation of sins and to make sure all Muslims are able to celebrate the day by enjoying food, drink and nice clothing.

Fidyah is the penalty Muslims pay when they can’t fast, e.g. pregnant or breastfeeding women, travellers and those who are sick; while Sadaqah is a general charity.

Juvie Boys spokesperson, Ikram van Witt, says it’s all about teamwork.

He says the team, including everyone’s kids, usually packs up the parcels at a member’s house from where it is distributed to the needy.

“This year we were generously blessed and with the help of family members and our children, it took us the entire Saturday at a member’s house in Surrey Estate to pack up everything into parcels and hand them out,” he explains.

“It is very important that children learn the importance of giving to the less fortunate. They worked with us the entire day to be able to give to those who don’t have something for Eid.”

The klopskamer will be making several pots of food on Thursday evening in their maiden Food On The Fire - Eid-ul-Fitr event.

“These pots of food will be distributed to the community on Eid. Again we are grateful for all the assistance from the community.”

To make a donation, speak to Zaahier Matthews on 072 564 1635.

To assist with the Food on the Fire, call Ikraam on 084 596 6530 or Boebie 083 468 9761.

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