Susan Petersen, 100, and Freddy Blom, 113.
A well-known township baker who has made a koek for the likes of President Jacob Zuma and Human Settlements Minister Lindiwe Sisulu has made life sweeter for Freddy Blom, who could possibly be the oldest man in the country.

On 8 May, Freddy celebrated his 113th birthday with Susan Petersen who turned 100 years old in Delft.

A birthday bash was organised by community development worker, Gadija Francis, at Delft Civic Centre.

When popular Nyanga baker, Joyce Ntombekhaya Dekeni, read Freddy and Susan’s remarkable stories, she knew she had to bake a cake for each of them.

Joyce has a cake shop at Nyanga taxi rank, in Emmes Drive.

On Sunday, Mother’s Day, Joyce personally delivered a cake to each senior.

For Freddy, she made a cake in the form of a red-coloured T-shirt with the image of Jesus and a swan on a lake because he has been graced to live for so many years.

The words “Halala Freddy Blom” were printed on the cake.

The cake was received by Freddy, his wife Jenette, 83, and Gadija.

“I have been baking for the past 13 years,” says Joyce.

“My cakes always have a message on them.

“When there was a fight in Parliament at the beginning of the year, I baked a cake and even one for Sisulu.

“Freddy and Susan’s stories touched me and I wanted blessings, to be in their presence.

“Freddy’s cake symbolised this, how in awe we are that he has reached this beautiful age.

“My grandmother lived until she was over 100 years old and could no longer walk or see.”

For Susan, Joyce made a heart-shaped cake with the words: “Happy Mother’s Day and her name was printed on praying hands.

“I made it a Mother’s Day cake and a birthday cake,” she says.

A former gardener, Freddy was born in 1904 in the town of Adelaide in the Eastern Cape.

Freddy, who has never had any kids of his own, was often seen until the ripe age of 106, walking to the bush with his cart to chop wood.

Freddy can still walk using his cane and can still hear faintly.

Last week Freddy told the Daily Voice he gave up smoking twak last year.

He said his longevity was grace given by God.