Angel the five-legged dog.

It’s a dog’s life for Angel the five-legged pet, who will now have to live the rest of her life with an extra poot.

The Cape of Good Hope SPCA yesterday confirmed to the Daily Voice that they will not be operating on Angel to remove her extra voetjie because it poses no immediate danger to her.

Two weeks ago, the SPCA offered to see if they could surgically remove Angel’s fifth paw, which grew out of her front left leg.

Various tests and X-rays were carried out by veterinarians, but they discovered Angel would have to lose both of her paws to rid her of the pootjie.

Belinda Abraham of the Cape of Good Hope SPCA explains the removal will now only be considered if Angel injures herself.

“The deformed leg that Angel has is an absorbed foetal remnant,” she says.

“She is quite comfortable and does not need any treatment. If we were going to operate, it would be to amputate both the legs involved, which is not necessary unless the leg is traumatised by injury.”

Angel is back at home with her owner Desiree Paris of Thambo Village in Manenberg, who approached the Daily Voice a month ago, desperately seeking help for her dog who was “suffering when she walked”.

Desiree thanks the SPCA and says she has accepted their decision.

“God is showing us human beings that miracles can happen. Angel is now on vitamins and she is eating a lot and she is very naughty,” she says.