DESTITUTE: Shadeeqah Wit and child lost all possessions
A devastated Bonteheuwel family has been left with only ashes for Eid after their home was engulfed in flames on Tuesday morning.

Shadeeqah Wit, 42, and her five children, aged between five and 20 years old, say they are lucky to be alive after fleeing the fire at their maisonette in Redwood Street, which has now been boarded up.

The single mother says she was woken up by her boarder’s banging on her bedroom door.

“We were all sleeping and my boarder came knocking at my room door after 2am. She said something was burning, but I could not smell anything and I knew for a fact nothing was on in the house. Everything was switched off,” she says, puzzled by what could have caused the blaze in the kitchen.

As she went down the stairs, Shadeeqah says she heard her nephew, who lives in a Wendy house in their backyard, screaming.

ABLAZE: Bonteheuwel house in Redwood Street went up in flames early on Tuesday morning.

“I came down and heard his screams as he came running inside the house. There was a fire by the back door,” she says.

“The children were still asleep and as I was shouting, they woke up and ran downstairs. I tried to run back up the stairs to get my bag and ID book, but the staircase was already on fire at that time. Luckily, the children were out already.”

The family was all set for Labarang, but are left with nothing following the fire.

“We were prepared well for the upcoming Eid. Now we have nothing. Everything burnt; our food, clothes, everything,” a heartbroken Shadeeqah says.

The family has received support from neighbours, but are currently living apart.

DESTRUCTION: Passerby observes burnt huis

“I just want to say shukran to everyone who assisted us. It really is sad and I cannot describe how I feel. We have nothing. We are living apart by my different neighbours,” the mom says crying.

The City’s Fire and Rescue spokesperson, Theo Layne, says they responded to the fire at 3.26am.

“There have been no injuries reported. An unknown number of persons were left displaced. The cause of the fire is undetermined at this stage,” Layne said.

If you would like to assist Shadeeqah and her family, call 073 160 4435.

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