Aziza Philander, 10, from Valhalla Park was last seen on March 26. CREDIT: Supplied
A manhunt has been launched to find this missing girl from Valhalla Park, who disappeared nearly a month ago.

Ten-year old Aziza Philander was last seen on March 26, walking out of her Hilda Street Home.

But amid fears that the little girl may have been abducted, her own family believes she has simply run away from home.

Her mother Faieka Philander, 30, says Aziza has been thrown out of two primary schools because of her aggressive behaviour.

And at home, she is rebellious and refuses to listen to anyone.

The child was supposed to start Grade 3 at a new school in January, but her mom has been battling to get her placed.

“She has an attitude with the teachers, when they talk to her she just takes her bag and walks,” says Faieka.

Faieka, who injured her eye during a confrontation with a friend this week, says Aziza has not been medically tested to see why she’s so aggressive but that social workers are aware of her case.

Aziza, who has three other siblings aged two, four and seven, vanished without a trace “on March 26th or 27th”.

“She was wearing red tights and a cream sweater, she just walked out of the house as normal and didn’t come back, and there was no argument before that could have given her a reason [to run away],” says Faieka.

Faieka, who didn’t appear too concerned about her daughter being missing, says she was used to seeing Aziza “come and go”.

“This is now just the longest she’s been away,” she adds.

Aziza’s aunt Hajiera Philander, 27, says her niece was doing odd jobs to help support her family.

“She has a temper, she’s very aggressive and for her age she already has a reputation,” Hajiera says.

“She started making a habit of just leaving the house and we learnt she was working for a man in the community who makes cane chairs.”

“We spoke to him afterwards and heard she was helping him to sell cane chairs.”

Police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Andre Traut has appealed to the public to help find Aziza.

Anybody with information can contact Sergeant Earl Coetzee or Constable Naj Salie at 0798941765 or Crime Stop on 08600 10111.