CHARGE: Edward Godfrey, 53, says he was lashed on his head, chest, legs and arms at club
A Kenwyn man says he plans to sue a rugby club in Constantia for R3 million after he was allegedly sjambokked.

The incident at False Bay Rugby Club, which happened in October, has resulted in criminal charges being laid by Edward Godfrey, 53, while the person he fought with has also opened an assault case against him.

He says on 5 October, he went to help his 23-year-old son who is a club member.

“He called me to say his car battery was flat. I went there with a friend and we were both in our work clothes because we were working the whole day,” explains Edward.

“We helped him and I asked my friend if he wanted coffee at the club house. He took an energy drink and I ordered a glass of wine.”

Edward says he went outside for a smoke and asked a white man for a lighter when he was told to “f**of”. He says an argument ensued.

“The white guy then said to the security just get this f***er out of here. This guy sommer grabbed me from the back; I told them I did nothing wrong. When I turned, I pulled the one guy and hit him with my head to get loose. Then the other guy took a whip, hit me and threw me out,” he says.

He says police were called and he was put in a van and then released.

Lieutenant-Colonel André Traut confirms an assault case was registered, but says nobody has been charged.

Now Edward says he plans to sue the club because he was humiliated and demeaned.

‘WHIPPED’: Bruising on body

In the club’s response, spokesperson Jon Harris provided statements by two people who witnessed the incident, claiming Edward was aggressive and gesuip.

He says: “We offered to meet Mr Godfrey on two occasions. The first time he declined and insisted on setting a short deadline appointment which we could not meet. The second meeting we waited for over an hour and he never arrived. Since then he has been threatening us and trying to extort money.”

Edward insists he was not aggressive or drunk: “I am going to sue them, but I am not extorting them.”

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