CALLED ON: City's JP Smith

Yesterday, Smith and traffic cops embarked on a safety drive along the R300 highway near Hindle Road in Delft to warn mense of the danger of crossing the highway on foot.

   SAFETY CONCERN: Pedestrians on the R300

Speaking to the Daily Voice, he says while the National Road Traffic Act prohibits pedestrians along highways, mense don’t listen and the number of deaths continues.

“We were not there to fine the pedestrians but to inform and warn them about the danger of what they are doing. There are just too many fatalities along that stretch of road due to the speed at which motorists travel on a highway,” Smith says.

“We did fine the vehicles that illegally stop along the highway to pick up pedestrians. They do it mainly because they don’t want to have to drive into the areas but it is adding to the problem.”

Blue Downs Cluster Community Police Forum (CPF) chairperson, Reginal Maart, says while they welcome the fining of motorists who stop along the highway, the situation is complicated.

“It is difficult because the employers who pick up the workers on the R300 don’t want to come into Wesbank and Delft. But stopping there is also dangerous.

“We are very concerned about the people on the R300 and it’s not only accidents or deaths that are problems. It is dark and people are also getting robbed,” he says.

Smith says he has now contacted Transport Minister Donald Grant and requested that the matter be taken up with Sanral. He has proposed that fencing be erected on the centre medians which will mean people won’t be able to get to the other side.