WOES: Mom Sharlene Florence, 39, with her bills
While Day Zero may be over for most Capetonians, a Ravensmead family says it could come any day for them as the City of Cape Town keeps messing up their water bill.

Mom Sharlene Florence, 39, says her family has been left without water on many occasions during their six-year fight with the City to correct their water account.

“It started in 2012 when we noticed our water bill just getting higher and higher so we went to the City’s office in Bellville and each time they say that they are looking into it,” she explains.

The family continued to pay the bills, fearing their water may be cut off.

In May last year, the family was told their meter needed to be tested and they were required to pay R1 172 for this.

METER: Fitted by City council

“We agreed to pay and they came to put in a temp meter. Then a couple of weeks ago they came and put in a new meter. I went to get a hammer and I hit that thing and I told the guy to take this s*** out because every month I pay my bills.”

According to their most recent bill, the family are in arrears of almost R14 000.

They’ve since hired a plumber who confirmed there is no leak on the property.

Two weeks ago, the family was left without water for five days.

Sharlene says the situation is so bad even her supervisor at work brought water to her house to make sure the family of four can get by.

The Daily Voice sent the family’s bill to the City and was told: “The City is looking into the particulars of your enquiry and will respond in due course.”

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