Police-constable struck by grief at the body of Riyaaz Abrahams in Bontas. Picture: Leon Knipe
Gatvol taxi drivers blocked Bonteheuwel Avenue on Wednesday after gangsters dragged a man out of a taxi and shot him on Tuesday.

Shortly after 11am, about 30 drivers and gaatjies barricaded the busy taxi route from Bluegum Street, demanding police take action against gun-toting skollies.

Riyaaz Abrahams, 24, was pulled out of a taxi and shot several times in the head and chest.

Police spokesperson, Captain FC van Wyk, says no other passengers were injured.

A police constable, who seemed to have known the victim, could be seen crying over his body.

According to a police source, Riyaaz had been on his way home after attending a hearing at Cape Town Magistrate's Court on Tuesday.

“He was a member of the Junior Cisco Yakkies (JCY) gang,” the source says.

“They shot him several times. Officers found 13 cartridges on the scene. What has not been established is whether this guy was appearing in court, whether he was a witness or whether he was attending for a friend.”

A 50-year-old taxi driver, who asked not to be named, says drivers are scared after the incident.

“The drivers and guards are in danger every day. We are being targeted by the gangsters who get in our vans and make us drive them around,” he says.

“They’re also still robbing drivers and passengers and so we have decided to block off the road until police step in.”

Drivers said all that they want is a police presence at hotspots.

“If they just have a van at the hotspots, it can help deter the skollies.”

A 54-year-old mother said: “Several residents joined the taxi drivers’ protest, saying they supported the blockade.

“We understand what the drivers are saying. They cannot work like this. They are fathers as well, trying to provide for their children. This will impact the whole Bonteheuwel because how will people get to work and how will our children get to school?”

Shortly after noon, Metro Police and Law Enforcement arrived and informed drivers they had to move as they were obstructing the road.

The group dispersed peacefully.

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