LOCKED IN: Police try to get tenants out of flats. CREDIT: Manqoba Ngidi

Five families from Kalksteenfontein are bracing for a bleak Labarang as they face eviction, just a week before Eid.

But the families, who live in a block of flats in Tafelberg Road, say they are not leaving because they have no place else to go.

Yesterday, the building’s owner Ashraf Mahatey arrived with dozens of cops to evict the 15 adults and 15 children, including babies.

But residents refused to budge, and nearby communities came to support them, encouraging them to stay.

Angry tenants skelled at Mahatey, with one man shouting “you are not a true Muslim, you are a p***.”

Others said Mahatey does not have a heart, evicting the Muslim families during Ramadaan, and just a week before Eid.

Mahatey has won a court order to evict the tenants, the youngest just three months old.

A tearful Jasmine Mohammed was too scared to leave her flat, fearing she wouldn’t be allowed back in.

Speaking from inside her door, she told the Daily Voice Mahatey had employed dirty tricks to get them to leave.

“I have lived here for 15 years. We have been living without water for almost two years because he put the water off, my roof leaks and I have no windows. I must go ask around for water,” the mom says.

“I won’t leave, where must I go to with my children? How could he win this court case? Ashraf belieg die hof en het net beter lawyers. I’m so tired.

“My two-year-old grandchild even picked up a deadly bladder and kidney infection because here is no water,” she adds.

The Daily Voice tried to speak to Mahatey on the scene, but he declined to comment, referring queries to his lawyer.

Lawyer Abduraghmaan Khan says residents are being evicted because they haven’t been paying their rent.

“Residents are being evicted because they have breached their agreement by not paying,” he says.

“A court order was granted to evict the tenants. Whatever my client will be doing with the building will be decided when everyone is evicted.”