FRIGHTENED: Joan Mariens, 70, van Elsies River
An Elsies River pensioner says she is fearing for her life as “skollies have been terrorising” her over her house for six years.

Joan Mariens, 70, says she has been living in her Canyon Street home all her life but claims greedy gangsters want her property because it is ideally located to sell drugs.

“People are after this house, now they are terrorising us and vandalising our home. My windows get thrown out,” she says.

“At night, dead animals get thrown onto the property. People break in, walk on the roof, cut down the trees and the house was also burnt a few times last year.”

Joan says her youngest brother died last year due to the stress of “gang elements” harassing her to sell her home.

She also buried her older brother on Saturday who she says was also got sick from stress.

“I have been to the police numerous times for help, but they rather referred me to the courts. I do not have money to go to the courts,” says Joan.

“People in the area are selling their homes before a murder occurs.”

Her worried sister from Eerste River, Mavis Dearham, 76, says she fears for Joan’s safety and called on people to stop harassing her.

“We want to make this home a family home. It’s no one’s business what we do, but to damage the home to this extent is uncalled for,” Mavis says.

Police spokesperson, Captain FC van Wyk, says Joan can contact the Visible Policing Commander any time.

“Mrs Mariens can contact the station’s Visible Policing Commander, Colonel Payi, for any complaint or when assistance is required,” Van Wyk said.

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