COMMENDED: The four guns and 181 ammunition seized by Elsies River cops
Elsies River SAPS are being praised after they managed to get a stash of guns and ammunition off the street following a shootout between gangsters in the area on Saturday.

The ongoing war for turf and drugs between the G-units and Terribles gang in the Avonwood area was brought to a halt just after 8pm when members of the Tactical Response Team (TRT) swooped in.

Officers received tip-offs from residents after skollies were seen shooting from the rooftops of the four-storey residential flats.

Residents also reported that guns were being stashed on the rooftops.

Police spokesperson, Lieutenant Colonel André Traut, explains: “TRT members responded to a shooting incident in Avonwood, Elsies River, and restored the tranquility with their presence.

“The area was searched in an attempt to apprehend those responsible for firing the gunshots.

“The community seemingly had enough of the violence and reported gang members firing shots from the rooftops of the four-storey residential flats and the possibility of firearms being hidden and left on top of the roof.

“Members secured the area and proceeded to follow up information of firearms hidden on the roof of the four-storey flat.”

Officers discovered four firearms, three pistols and a revolver as well as 181 assorted calibre ammunition.

“A CZ75 pistol, 9mm short pistol, .22 pistol and .38 revolver were found with their serial numbers filed off,” says Traut.

“An assortment of calibre ammunition: 22 9mm short, 15 shotgun 12 gauge, 39 .38 rounds and 105 .22 rounds was found.”

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