DARING: Taxi rank

According to a source, several Traffic Services vehicles were damaged when people on the rank started to pelt traffic cops with stones during the chase.

Law Enforcement spokesperson Wayne Dyason confirms that officers were called out to assist traffic cops at the rank yesterday shortly after noon.

“The traffic cops saw a taxi driver that appeared to be intoxicated and tried to pull him over,” he says.

“The driver made his way to the rank, but before traffic cops could stop him, he parked his taxi and started running. We do not know who the people are, but people at the rank started throwing stones at the traffic cops, and Law Enforcement was called to assist.”

Dyason says the taxi driver managed to get away.

Traffic Services spokesperson, Maxine Bezuidenhout, confirms that the vehicles of the traffic cops were damaged during the incident.

“Yes, there were vehicles damaged but at this stage I cannot confirm how many,” she says.