Dozens of people have been left homeless in Wallacedene after their homes were destroyed in a fire. CREDIT: Solly Lottering
Dozens of people have been left homeless after their homes were gutted in a fire.

Sixteen shacks were destroyed on Saturday afternoon after a fire broke out in La Boheme Street in Wallacedene.

Residents stood by helplessly and watched as their possessions went up in flames.

A heartsore Piet Pedro says: “I was in my house when I heard people shouting there were flames. Then I smelled the smoke.

“When I ran outside there were flames everywhere. And then there was a loud bang, somebody’s gas stove had exploded and the flames spread faster.

“People tried to save what they could.”

Piet says he and his daughter Alicia, 12, lost all their possessions.

“I’ve only been staying here for two months, I can’t believe we lost everything, and now in the winter,” he says.

When the Daily Voice arrived at the scene, the shacks were still burning.

Afterwards, children could be seen playing with a dead chicken that burnt in the fire.