Paco was killed by cops while attacking an intruder

A number of pit bull attacks have been in the news in recent months.

In March, a video clip went viral of two pit bulls, Rocco and Paco, attacking an intruder at a house in Lotus River.

The victim, Wayne Kayster, was rushed to hospital but later died of his injuries.

Police shot and killed one of the dogs, Paco, in an attempt to save Kayster’s life, but some people later slammed this action, saying the dog was only protecting his owner’s property against intruders.

Early in May, there was another outcry as a pit bull was beaten to death with a spade in Rocklands, Mitchells Plain.

According to Brian Martin, he defended himself and his pet dog against the pit bull who was allegedly attacking his dog.

Also in May, the Daily Voice brought you the story of Wesbank residents who stoned a pit bull to death after he allegedly attacked two other dogs in the area and bit one of the dogs’ owners.

But Hermanus Animal Welfare Society’s Clinic and Kennel Manager Lenke Elferink says media reports about pit bull attacks have given the breed a bad reputation.

“People buy these dogs from unscrupulous breeders where they were raised with aggression and then they get a dangerous dog instead of a wonderful pet which these dogs can be if raised properly,” says Lenke.

Violent incidents involving pit bulls always lead to a public outcry for these dogs to be euthanised because they’re seen as dangerous and aggressive.

“Then we receive calls for innocent animals to be euthanised,” she adds.