Farooz Williams, 37, standing over her son Junaid's dead body in Manenberg. CREDIT: Leon Knipe

The 17-year-old boy, who was charged with animal cruelty after he and six other boys were filmed stoning a stray dog to death, has been murdered.

Junaid Davids was standing in Rhone Walk, Manenberg, with his 30-year-old friend only known as “Mallie” when gangsters, from a distance, opened fire just after 10.55am yesterday.

Police say the shooters was a distance away, and stood on an object which gave them an elevated view of the victims.

They say they “were trapped” by the hail of bullets and couldn’t flee.

Junaid was shot in the chest and Mallie, who survived, was struck thrice in the back.

The shooting comes just a week after Junaid and six boys were charged with cruelty to animals after a video of the stoning went viral on Facebook.

The children were seen dragging the dog by a rope around his neck to a secluded area along Vygieskraal Road in Manenberg.

One of the children repeatedly announces, “you are going to die, to die”.

It shows them pelting the dog with bricks, provoking a pit bull to attack it, and also hanging it from a tree.

The Cape of Good Hope SPCA investigated after being alerted by a resident in Manenberg.

Junaid’s mother, Farooz Williams, 37, told the Daily Voice last week that her son had been assaulted after the video emerged.

But she doesn’t believe his murder had anything to do with the video.

“I don’t even know how to feel. He was my baby son,” the heartbroken woman says.

“This wasn’t linked I think to that [video], this was [gang] crossfire shooting.”

Police say no arrests have been made yet.

Junaid is the second murder victim in Manenberg in just three days.

One other man was killed and three others injured in the gang.

Police sources say rival gangs the Clever kids, the Hard Livings and the Dixie boys are locked in a deadly battle.

In Gamka Street on Wednesday night, an 18-year-old only known as “Keenan Ballie Dentekop” was shot and killed.

Earlier that day, Mervin Koopman, 34, believed to be a Hard Livings member, was shot in the head while standing outside his home in Rio Grande Road. He is in a critical condition.

On Tuesday morning, a 42-year-old homeless man was caught in crossfire in Hilda Court, he was hit in the groin.

A 17-year-old boy was arrested for the shooting.